Erectile Dysfunction and nitric oxide

Among various male sexual issues, Erectile Dysfunction is one of the most common one. What is Erectile Dysfunction? Well, Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual disorder which affects men’s ability to obtain and keep strong erections. Erectile Dysfunction hampers men’s ability to have satisfactory sexual intercourse. In this article, we will explore the potential causes and treatments of ED. We will put more emphasis on the connection between nitric oxide and erections. We will also discuss how to increase nitric oxide level. 

How nitric oxide helps men to get erections. 

Nitric oxide is essential to the process of getting an erection in males because it causes the muscles of the corpora cavernosa to relax. Nitric oxide is well known for relaxing corpora cavernosa muscles and enlarging blood channels in the penis. These mechanisms make it possible for the penile tissues’ blood flow to be enhanced, which eventually leads to an erection. This explains why getting and maintaining a strong erection become more challenging when nitric oxide levels in the body decline.

What causes ED other than the lack of Nitric Oxide? 

Men’s ability to get powerful erections becomes more challenging as they age. As a result, the majority of ED patients throughout the world are older. There are several reasons why older men are more susceptible to this problem. However, there is no certainty that every man will get ED as they become older. Diabetes is another important cause of ED in males. According to studies, men with diabetes are more likely than others to develop ED. Diabetes is the cause of blood vessel damage, which can decrease blood flow in the penile tissues. Moreover, high blood pressure, or hypertension, harms the arteries and blood vessels that feed the penile tissues with oxygen-rich blood. Blood flow in the penis might become significantly restricted as a result of damaged blood veins and arteries. This is the reason why many men worldwide who have high blood pressure also have erectile dysfunction. Obesity is also a major cause of ED all around the world. As the percentage of fat individuals in the globe is rising, obesity is a serious problem nowadays. 

Additionally, being overweight might harm blood vessels and reduce penile blood flow. Low libido is responsible for ED as well. A lack of sex desire can make it challenging for any man to get a solid erection. The erection process may be impeded if there is insufficient sexual desire because the brain may not give the penis an enough signal. Male sexual desire is regulated by the hormone called testosterone, and reduced libido or diminished sex drive can result from a deficiency in this hormone. Finally, stress or anxiety can disrupt the erection process. A guy must have a sound mind in addition to a firm erection. Men may get their penis erected more readily when their minds are calm and relaxed. Such tranquillity is destroyed by problems like stress, worry, or despair, which can make it harder for any man to have an erection.

How do you boost your nitric oxide level 

It is possible to raise the level of nitric oxide by doing certain actions if it is low. By exercising frequently and consuming certain meals, any man may raise his nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide levels in men’s bodies are shown to be greater in men who exercise frequently, according to research. Walking, jogging, swimming, climbing, and other forms of exercise can be quite helpful in this situation. Furthermore, eating some foods can raise the quantity of nitric oxide. The body’s nitric oxide levels can be raised by eating foods high in quality protein, such as beef, fish, and eggs. Additionally, consuming green leafy vegetables like spinach, radishes, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, parsley, etc. can be highly useful for raising nitric oxide levels. Other foods that can increase nitric oxide production include dark chocolate, beet juice, garlic, and citrus fruits. Nitric oxide levels can also be kept in check by lowering stress, attempting to breathe through your nose, and avoiding antimicrobial mouthwash. Some studies have discovered that antimicrobial mouthwash can lower the nitrate level, which in turn lowers the level of nitric oxide. This finding may initially seem improbable.

Which supplements can boost nitric oxide level? 

Nitric oxide levels can also be raised by taking certain supplements. The most popular nitric oxide supplements are those containing L-arguinine and L-citrulline. These supplements can increase your nitric oxide levels and support a number of other biological processes.

Can ED be treated? 

Men can benefit from a variety of ED remedies in modern time. 

Oral medicines: 

The most often prescribed ED treatments worldwide are oral PDE-5 inhibitors like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. These drugs increase blood flow to the penile tissues, which helps men get a powerful erection. However, there are a variety of harmful side-effects that these drugs may cause. Because of this, it is essential to get advice from a qualified medical expert before using these medications.

Stress management: 

Some men may find great success in overcoming erectile dysfunction by managing psychological issues like stress, worry, or despair. Patients can engage in sex therapy or counselling to treat such psychological problems.

Management of Underlying Health Problems: 

If diabetes, hypertension, or obesity are the underlying causes of ED, then treating these disorders effectively can be very helpful in treating ED. However, if more long-lasting harm results from such problems, then simply managing these illnesses well might not be adequate. 

Vacuum Pumps: 

Vacuum pumps for erectile dysfunction are also a good option. Patients may operate these pumps at home on their own, and it’s a non-invasive procedure. This procedure uses a pump to induce suction in the penis, bringing blood into the penile tissues to aid with erection. The erection is then maintained for a longer amount of time by using a constriction ring. 

Shockwave Therapy: 

Shockwave therapy is a recently developed ED treatment that uses specific acoustic waves to create new blood vessels and improve blood flow in the penis. Plaques in the penis can also be removed with shockwave treatment. It is a non-invasive therapy method with few negative side effects. This treatment can also have long-term positive effects.

Penile Implant: 

A penile implant is a last-resort option that is only recommended when all other conventional therapies have failed. The process is invasive. Penile implants do, however, have some significant negative effects. Additionally, penile implants prevent men from getting a natural erection.

How effective is shockwave therapy in treating ED. 

Shockwave therapy for ED is a fully non-invasive method that doesn’t include any kind of surgery or recovery time. The usefulness of shockwave treatment in treating ED has been demonstrated in several recent research. The greatest ED treatment now available is shockwave therapy, according to MansMatters, a men’s health clinic in London, United Kingdom. Additionally, by combining shockwave therapy with another non-invasive treatment known as EMTT therapy, its efficacy can be further boosted.

Nitric oxide and it’s benefits.

Nitric oxide has several other benefits as well. For example, nitric oxide can decrease muscle soreness and lower blood pressure. Nitric oxide is also thought to aid in the management of type-2 diabetes. So, it’s evident that nitric oxide has multidimensional positive impact in human body.

Consequences of ED

A man’s life can be severely impacted by erectile dysfunction. It may make it more difficult for a guy to satisfy his partner during sex. Relationship problems may also start to surface as a result of the lack of sexual enjoyment. In addition, a lot of men with ED experience severe stress, worry, and sadness. These psychological issues may also harm such men’s general health.

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So, what have we learnt? Well, nitric oxide is a very important component of the male erection process. Lack of enough nitric oxide can cause ED and decrease sexual satisfaction for men. But erection capability of men can be enhanced by increasing the nitric oxide level and following appropriate treatment options.