Public Economics Dissertation Writing Secrets That No One Tells You

Writing a public economics dissertation demands exceptional ingenuity from the students, as expressed by Raghbendra Jha in Modern Public Economics in the following words: 

“We who study public economics live in exciting and, sometimes, trying times. From time to time, a need is felt to provide a sense of perspective on the state of the art – particularly at its frontiers – from which both practitioners as well as students can benefit.

Writing such a dissertation is not an easy job, but our expert tips will make it easy for you. We have provided the best format for writing a public economics dissertation in this article to help the students in the best possible way. 

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Writing a Public Economics Dissertation – Secret Tips and Guidelines

The very first thing that you need to know before writing your dissertation is what is public economics. In his book Public Economics, the author Gareth D. Myles states the definition of public economics in the following words: 

“In the broadest interpretation, public economics is the study of economic policy, with particular emphasis upon taxation. The subject, therefore, encompasses topics as diverse as responses to market failure due to the existence of the externalities and the determination of optimal social security policies.”

Now that you are aware of the contexts of the study, you will have to come up with one of the best public economics research topics. The topics you choose must be directly linked to the contemporary research problems in your field. To facilitate you further on this subject, we have enlisted the top 6 best economics dissertation topics for you.

Recent Dissertation Topics in the Field of Public Economics

  1. Analysing the relationship between social preferences and public economics: a quantitative study
  2. A critical analysis of the taxation policies in developed and developing countries around the globe (please note to include the latest taxation policies introduced in your academic year)
  3. Analysing the impact of the crack cocaine market on the young male population: focus on M country
  4. The relationship between COVID-19 pandemic and public economics: a systematic and quantitative study
  5. Public economics and the effects of political inter-generational risk-sharing
  6. The interrelation of the public good displayed in the public sector and market failures

Structure of a Perfect Public Economics Dissertation

Before you commence writing, do ensure that you have gone through a review of public economics dissertation examples. Doing so shall ensure that you have gathered the right idea on how to craft your papers. Let’s move on to the structure guidelines of writing a dissertation on public economics.

1. Conducting a Literature Review

After choosing a dissertation topic, you will have to start finding the relevant content pertinent to the topic of your research. It is an important area of concern for you as a dissertation writer, as you will be required to exhibit your in-depth understanding of the subject. 

There are two ways to address the bounds of your dissertation topics: 

  • Theoretical aspect
  • Empirical aspect

Keep in mind that the literature review must show the relevance of your research work with the corresponding literature on the topic. The elements of a good literature review include the following: 

  • The demonstration of the relationship between the research work and dissertation questions
  • Gathering the relevant information to fill the research gaps
  • Identifying what has been known to the audience and what is yet to be known about the topic
  • Developing such questions that lead to the further exploration of work on your topic

2. The Collection of Data

Gathering the right data and analysing it to produce the desired results is yet another task that needs to be done to ensure the success of your public economics dissertation. You must make sure that enough data is available on the topic that you are choosing for research. 

The important points to keep in mind while collecting the data are the following: 

  • The types of data that you should gather for your work include time series data, cross-section data, and panel data. 
  • There must be adequate observations and variables in the data you collect for research purposes. 
  • The number of observations usually ranges between 30 and 100, and they should tell about the types of methods used. 

Another thing to take care of in this regard is that you should also conduct a descriptive analysis of the data to identify the latest trends, temporal dependencies, and seasonality of the research tendencies in your school of economics. 

For instance, suppose you are studying the income inequality and the equilibrium in the labour market. In the long-term tax and transfer context, you have to gather ample data and show the competitive equilibrium conditions to your readers, as shown by Burkhard Heer in the book Public Economics: The Macro-economic Perspective

3. Generating the Results

Generating the desired results requires you to apply the data you gather in the chosen research methodology. So, this process is really intricate, involving a lot of complex procedures. Some of such experimental processes are given below:

  • Numerical data interpretation
  • Economic model applications in theoretical reasoning
  • Comparison of the results
  • Coefficients estimation
  • Application of econometrics methods in hypothesis testing
  • Experimentation hypothesis testing

For instance, if you are studying the effects of government intervention in the economy, you will have to gather empirical data that supports your claims. You will have to take exchange rates into consideration and evaluate the economic growth of the country.

Given the different model types application regarding an economic theory, Burkhard Heer in Public Economics: The Macro-economic Perspective illustrates the findings in the form of this table: 

4. Conclusion of the Dissertation

After the results have been gathered, you shall present the conclusion of your dissertation to the readers. In this section, you must ensure to summarise your key findings in a precise manner and entail all the parts of your work in one coherent argument.

Highlight the central question, explain how your study relies on other pieces of literature to develop the argument, and then interpret the results. Finally, you will have to sum up the results in a positional statement. 

5. Referencing Your Work

You must not forget to reference the sources that you include in your public economics dissertation. It saves your work from plagiarism and makes the learning outcomes become more reliable for the readers. The citation style you follow in your work shall be the one as advised by your professor or as specified in the dissertation handbook of your department. 

Structure Map: 

The overall structure map of your public economics dissertation shall be in the following manner: 

Section Name Explanation
Introduction Here, you will have to pose an interesting question or problem to appeal to the reader.
Literature Review You will present the literature survey on your topic here. 
Methodology Here, you formulate the hypothesis and provide the readers with a description of your data. 
Results Present the results of your dissertation here with all the charts and graphs. 
Discussion Here, you analyse the methodology of your work and discuss the implications of policy, if any. 
Conclusions In this part, you summarise what you have accomplished and provide recommendations for further research.


So, this was all about the secret tips and tricks that you must follow when working on your public economics dissertation. If you are still confused about something, do not forget to ask your supervisor for help and clarity on the subject. 

Also, you must proofread your dissertation at least twice before the final submission to the readers. Make sure that the core arguments make perfect sense to the reader and that there remains no ambiguity in their minds. 

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