The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Plastic Jar for Your Needs

If you opt for the Scandi look in your kitchen or want to reduce your plastic waste, storage jars are a stylish and practical essential! These reusable containers offer airtight, durable storage for many items. The best container for your product will depend on the packaging requirements.


Plastic jars are a versatile choice for packaging because they offer a lot of space for branding and marketing. They’re easy to label and work well for products that need a clear, attractive presentation. They also provide more visibility than other containers, like bottles and buckets, making them a good option for retail stores. Plastic is also less expensive to ship than glass, saving you money on shipping costs. In addition, it requires fewer resources and energy to make, which is better for the environment. It’s also easier to recycle, which is a plus for customers committed to green ideals. The correct plastic jar will keep your goods safe and secure whether you store jewelry or small items. Consider the capacity and size of your item when selecting a jar. For example, a liquid may need a lid that fits snugly to prevent spills, while a solid product might require a wider mouth for easy access.


When choosing a plastic container, your customers will want something easy to open, has enough storage space for their needs, and can be used to store multiple items. Plastic jars are such a great option since they can handle everything. Another benefit of these containers is that they are lighter than glass jars. This means they will take up less space in your inventory and be easier for your customers to carry around throughout their day. In addition, the lower weight will result in cheaper shipping costs. This is good for you and your customers, as nobody enjoys paying extra for shipping! Plastic jars also feature ribbed lids that make them easy to open. This is unlike glass jars with cork lids, which can be challenging to open and lead to contamination from air or other debris. Additionally, these jars can be easily recycled, which is great for your customers with greener ideals.


Plastic jars are reliable and durable, making them an excellent choice for shipping. They’ll keep your product safe and secure, and their tight-sealing lids limit spillage. Plus, the straightforward design helps your customers identify what’s inside. Plastic jars are also more affordable and easier to manufacture than glass containers. This makes them an excellent choice for companies needing to market their products as quickly and efficiently as possible. Another advantage of plastic jars is that they can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes. They can even be designed to look like glass if you want. This versatility means you can make your product stand out on the shelf and attract potential buyers.


Plastic jars allow easy customization to add your company logo, product information, and more. This makes them a popular choice for many brands looking to show off their brand’s personality. Glass bottles and jars, however, can be more challenging to customize and are often not as eye-catching. Plastic containers are also not susceptible to temperature changes like glass is. This means your product won’t get ruined before it reaches the customer. Additionally, many plastic jars we sell can be paired with multiple closure types. From standard screw caps to specialized cream and liquid dispensing caps, flip-top lids, spice shakers, and more. You can order samples of your preferred jars, lids, and accessories to ensure compatibility before you place an entire bulk order.

Originally posted 2023-10-07 08:13:20.