Things to know about 3d xl chamber atomizers by puffco before purchasing

Puffco remains number one in the market always. Its e-rig atomizer is different and unique from all other puffs. The new puffco peak pro 3D XL chamber comes with  the 3D chamber that turns its atomizer to quarter turn. Its specifications are outstanding. It’s the first in the market with 3D xl chamber atomizer by puffco.



The 3d xl chamber atomizer is compatible with wax concentrations. It has the hgh capacity of e rigs in the market that is compatible with wax vapors.

Battery capacity

With 3D chambers its battery health becomes excellent that in every session it consumes only 3 percent battery whereas others consume 5 percent. Due to its improved battery anyone can take 20 sessions at a time, no worry that it might bust out. 3D chamber heat up time 25 seconds. Also the battery is not an adjective.


Its charging hours are just 2.5 hrs, which are enough for a day or more.


The temperature of the 3D xl chamber is about 232C to 316C and in Fahrenheit it’s 450 F to 650F.  

Key features

  • 3D ceramic chamber
  • 4 pre set temperature
  • Puffco smartphone app
  • Joystick crab cap

What’s new in the 3d xl chamber atomizer by puffco?

The new development in the 3d xl chamber is that it enhances its ability to control the temperature and build vapors. In terms of volume vaping, it makes more clouds and contains fewer refills.


The 3D chamber is made of ceramic and metal that is the same in all other standard puffs. But the new thing in the material is that it controls more heat as compared to standard ones. Heat is also controlled from the sides.

The wax concentrations on the corners stay there. The residue doesn’t come out through puffs. Although it doesn’t bust the atomizer.


With a 3d chamber the flavor becomes more tastier than without a 3d chamber. It’s the plus point of having a 3d xl chamber.

Advantages of having 3d xl chamber atomizer by puffco

3d xl chamber atomizers by puffco is larger. It contains more heat to start the vaporization and more power, as smaller chambers produce faster vapors. Although it makes the smaller dabs and there are coils all around the chamber in  3d xl which removes the bad faster and makes more vapors as compared to smaller chambers it takes time. Furthermore, 3d xl has a smartphone app, from which you can track, control your puff.

Features of puffco pro 3d xl chamber

  • As a result of the larger capacity, Puffco 3D Chamber design provides optimal heat distribution for an enhanced vapor experience.
  • Compared to the original Peak Pro 3D, the bowl is 78% larger
  • Enhances the functionality of the Puffco Peak Pro Smart Rig by adding high capacity features
  • An easy-to-use installation and operation.
  • It may lag initially, but thanks to its two fold advantage in vapor production, the Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber quickly overtakes the original Peak Pro 3D.

How to use the puffco peak pro 3d xl chamber?

Using a 3d xl chamber is not a thing of breaking a coconut, there’s simply need to follow the below steps:

  • Before turning it on from the power button, add the liquid (water) in it.
  • The 4 pre-set temperature ranges will show on one click.
  •  After this add a little amount of wax in it and do two clicks for heating the chamber.
  • Last and the least, your puff is ready and enjoy it.

How to improve the vapors of the 3d xl chamber atomizer by puffco?

The most important thing is that you have to clean the chamber after every session. If you do not do that then chamber because massey and the taste of vapors become worse. Also the chamber makes dabs at home and it might break. So, cleaning the chamber with Q tip is necessary after every new session. Remove the chamber and dip it in isopropyl alcohol for 20 minutes to remove the residue. After cleaning it you will get a very tasty taste of vapors.

Review of puffco peak pro 3d xl chamber

The vapors are choosing the because of its improved formula and elegant style. The production of vapors is 2x that is great for any puff makers. The advanced xl vapor settings control the atomizations. The dabs are easily removed. It’s good and authentic and it pays off you.

But the one thing that is not good about 3d xl is that it should be cleaned after every session otherwise it tastes gone wrong.

The bottom line

The 3d xl chamber comes with the improved formula with a larger charger for atomization that does not heat the temperature of the chamber. It controls the chamber from bursting. If you buy the 3d xl chamber atomizer by puffco, you will definitely get the advantages.