Troubleshooting Common Dedicated Server Hosting Issues  

Dedicated servers today offer super performance and mega garage capacity. Just like with any other type of web host, dedicated web hosting may experience some issues here and there.

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If we look then DomainRacer and DedicatedCore both are the providers that give the cheapest dedicated server Indian hosting. Some of the most common problems associated with a dedicated server are explored in this article to help rescue you or restore these issues.

Problems with Dedicated Hosting and Solutions

1. Page Load Times are Gradual

One of the most important aspects of SEO is page load pace. Slower-loading pages can lead to a downfall in your ratings.

Besides, if you want complete control over the server environment then pick the best dedicated server USA root, allowing you to customize configurations according to your specific needs.

How To Fix

It is crucial to become aware of the foundation purpose of this trouble before troubleshooting it:

  • Your CPU and RAM should suffice for the sources of your hosting plan. Sluggish performance can result from needing more resources. DedicatedCore offers unlimited SSD storage space.
  • Huge unoptimized snapshots can also result in drastic sluggishness in your website. Ensure that images are compressed and use the appropriate picture format.
  • Use caching to give visitors pre-rendered pages.

2. Vulnerabilities in Protection

Safety vulnerabilities among businesses that use committed hosting, however. Hackers use the data as the third point that exploits the vulnerability in the server software.

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Security vulnerabilities such as injection attacks against old and unpatched software are quite common.

How To Fix

The following measures organizations can enforce to solve security vulnerabilities:

  • Timely change your passwords and use strong passwords
  • To prevent unauthorized access, install and configure firewalls
  • Apply security patches and update server software regularly
  • SSL/TLS certificates provide data security while in transit
  • Use intrusion detection and prevention systems to identify and stop attacks

3. Challenges in Technical Support

Reliable support is essential when dealing with technical issues. Low-cost dedicated servers are frequently ignored by clients due to poor technical support. But DedicatedCore has the cheapest yet top-notch technical support The cost ends up being higher for them.

You will have to pay a lot if you don’t have technical support included in your hosting plan.

How To Fix

In the event that your dedicated hosting is not working;

  • If you need assistance, you can contact the support team at your hosting provider
  • Choose a hosting company that provides 24×7 support
  • You can resolve any issue promptly with the help of prompt and knowledgeable support

4. Keeping Track of Downtime and Uptime

Your website’s SEO efforts can be adversely affected by frequent downtime.  Having a website that is accessible 24 hours a day is preferred by Google.  

How To Fix

You can resolve this issue by following these steps:

  • Select a hosting provider with a high uptime percentage from a reputable website
  • Monitor your website for downtime and receive notifications as soon as possible.  As a result,  the issues can be resolved quickly with DomainRacer.
  • Increase website performance by dispersing content through a CDN

5. Gradual Learning

A common mistake clients make when purchasing a dedicated server is to deploy the project immediately after purchase.

How To Fix

  • To learn how to use the dedicated server, you need to give it some time. Testing out a live server is best done with a dummy project
  • Before deploying the actual project, you’ll find out if the server has any issues
  • Dummy projects allow you to learn how dedicated servers work. In addition, it’s possible to view any server-related problem in real time.

6. Optimization of the Database

Inefficient and bloated databases are responsible for slow-loading websites.5 Optimising databases regularly can improve performance in the following ways:

How To Fix

  • Optimize database tables and reduce loading times by removing redundant data
  • Analyze and optimize queries to improve database performance

7. DDoS Attacks

These are known as Distributed Denial of Service attacks and are so massive that they can even crash down your server.  You will need multilayered protection for your server from DDoS attacks.

How To Fix

  • Traffic analysis and rate limiting can be used to locate and obstruct hostile patterns
  • If you are in a host network,  they may include an anti-DDoS service with your web host

8. Outdated Hardware and Software

Using outdated software and server configurations can result in vulnerabilities that compromise the network’s security.  

It is imperative to keep the latest security patches on the server, in addition to regularly updating the software.

How To Fix

What a business can do to ensure its software and servers are up-to-date;

  • Ensure that you regularly update your server software’s security patches
  • Monitoring and optimizing server configurations
  • The server should be operated by qualified employees

9. Poor System Configuration

A wrong configuration may cause a number of problems with the performance of a server, including low speed.

How To Fix

  • You need to configure your server to ensure it operates smoothly
  • Changes made in configuration processes should always be logged and sandboxed, if feasible

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers

It is essential to choose a suitable provider when it entails dedicated servers India.  Just like picking the appropriate instrument for the task, DedicatedCore and DomainRacer are the best dedicated server hosting provider.  They also help you to resolve problems while providing dedicated servers.

DedicatedCore is a partner that you can trust for your web journey.  They provide you with complete control that allows you to customize the resources of your server according to your specific needs.  

Their support team is at hand just in case issues arise.  The company will continuously scan and monitor your server for the hackers and the malware.

Unlike DomainRacer,  the focus is on speed and security.  They offer fast and reliable dedicated servers.  Whether you are a beginner or an expert,  they’ve got everything you need.  

The good news is that there is an excellent support team that will help you in case you encounter any challenges. When searching for a dedicated server,  DedicatedCore and DomainRacer are great.  

They are more than just providers for your server’s smooth operation and security.  With them by your side,  your online journey will be a success.


Like any hosting service,  dedicated server hosting has its own challenges,  too.  This guide addresses most problems and offers practical solutions.  

Furthermore,  it is also necessary to select the right host provider,  which has a powerful security system and full control by DedicatedCore. DomainRacer focuses on speed and reliability.  

By selecting these providers,  you will be able to ensure a good experience on your dedicated server.