6 AI Essay Writing Tools Every Student Uses – No Sign Up Required

Artificial intelligence and AI essay writing tools are the talk of the town, and it’s high time students know about the top writing tools that can help them tremendously. 

Do tight deadlines stress you out? Do you find yourself staring at the blank page, unable to write anything? 

If so, it’s time to embrace a new era of essay writing. AI tools have become readily available for access to the general public. 

However, it comes with its own set of problems, such as, “Which AI essay writing tool is the best for the upcoming semester?” or “How do I know which essay writing tool I should choose?”

Well, we got the solution for you. 

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to six AI tools that we have tested and fell in love with. We will also tell you about their key features and what has set them apart for us!

Let’s dive right into it!

How Did We Choose Them?

We chose these AI essay writing tools based on their performance. We tested their speed, turnaround time, and the quality of the essay produced. We also tested the unique features of each tool. 

Let’s take a look at their features and prices;

Rank Software Key Features Rating  Price
1. MyEssayWriter.ai Humanized Content, Grammar Checks, Versatile Essay Types 4.8/5.0 $5.99 /Month
2. EssayService.ai Free, Easy to Use, Multiple Results Generator 4.7/5.0 FREE
3. PerfectEssayWriter.ai Templates, User-friendly Interface, Paraphrasing Tool 4.8/5.0 $5.99 /Month
4. EssayBot by MyPerfectWords.com Available Citations, Quick Results, In-depth Research 4.6/5.0 FREE
5. CollegeEssay.org AI Essay Writer Time-Saving, Anti-Plagiarism, Varied Content 4.8/5.0 FREE (Basic Plan)
6. FreeEssayWriter.ai Customizable Templates, Essay Structure Guidance 4.75/5.0 FREE

1. MyEssayWriter.ai – Create Humanized Content

MyEssayWriter.ai has the power of AI with a human touch, creating essays that are not only smart but also relatable. It’s the best of both worlds, making writing easier and more enjoyable for students. 

Here’s why MyEssayWriter.ai is at the top of our essay writer list:

Humanized Content: 

While AI can assist with generating content, MyEssayWriter.ai ensures that the final output retains a human touch. This means your essays will sound natural and engaging.

Grammar Checks: 

No one wants to submit an essay riddled with grammatical errors. MyEssayWriter.ai’s grammar checks help you polish your work to perfection. We 

Versatile Essay Types: 

Whether you’re writing a persuasive essay, a descriptive piece, or a research paper, MyEssayWriter.ai has got you covered. Its versatility is a great asset for students with diverse writing assignments. 

What’s The Price?

So what’s the price for all these features? 

Here is what their pricing plan looks like:

Plan  Monthly Cost Regular Prices Discount
Basic  $5.99/Month $29.99 80% Off
Pro $14.99/Month $74.99 80% Off
Advanced  $99.99/Month $179.99 44% Off

2. EssayService.ai – In-Depth Research

EssayService.ai is an excellent AI essay writing tool for students on a budget. Plus, it’s as user-friendly as it gets. You can get a smooth writing experience without breaking the bank. 

EssayService.ai has become our favorite essay writing tool because;

Try for Free: 

Who doesn’t like free stuff? The AI essay writing tool can be used for free, making it accessible to students with limited resources. It’s a great starting point for those looking to explore AI-assisted essay writing.

Academic Support for All:

EssayService.ai has you covered across various subjects and academic levels. Whether you’re in high school or college, this tool is your reliable companion for all your academic needs. 

Multiple Results Generation: 

EssayService.ai goes the extra mile by providing multiple essay options. You can regenerate an essay on the same topic multiple times. This can be a valuable source of inspiration and ideas when you’re stuck.

What’s The Price?

As mentioned before, there is no price for EssayService.ai. You can use it for free and without signing up!

3. PerfectEssayWriter.ai – Student’s Trusted Choice

When it comes to AI essay writer, no one can beat PerfectEssayWriter.ai. It is designed to make the life of students easier. It takes out the stress of researching and writing. 

Here is why we have chosen this AI essay writing tool: 

Use-Friendly Interface:

PerfectEssayWriter.ai is designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to students of all skill levels. 


PerfectEssayWriter.ai offers a wide range of essay templates, from argumentative to narrative essays. These templates serve as a solid foundation, helping students structure their essays coherently and logically.

Paraphrasing Tool: 

Plagiarism is a major concern in academic writing. With the paraphrasing tool, you can easily rephrase sentences and paragraphs, ensuring your work is original while retaining the essence of your ideas.

What’s The Price?

So, how much do you have to pay to get access to these advanced features?

Let’s take a look at their pricing plan;

Plan  Monthly Cost Regular Prices Discount
Basic  $5.99/Month $29.99 80% Off
Pro $14.99/Month $74.99 80% Off
Advanced  $99.99/Month $179.99 4 Months Free

4. EssayBot by MyPerfectWords.com – Quick Results 

EssayBot is an essay typer that enhances essay writing by offering quick results, citations, and thorough research. It provides easy access to credible sources, and speeds up essay writing, saving time for students. 

Here is what sets it apart from other AI essay writing tools. 

Available Citations:

Proper citations are crucial in academic writing. EssayBot saves you the hassle of searching for sources by providing available citations, ensuring your essays are well-documented.

Quick Results: 

When time is of the essence, EssayBot delivers quick results, allowing you to meet tight deadlines without sacrificing quality.

In-depth Research: 

It goes beyond basic content generation. EssayBot pulls in relevant data and references, ensuring your essays are well-informed and well-researched.

What’s The Price?

These features seem intriguing, right? So what do you have to pay to get access to these advanced features? 


That’s right! EssayBot by MyPerfectWords.com is absolutely free to use. 

5. CollegeEssay.org AI Essay Writer – Get Original Content

CollegeEssay.org AI Essay Writer is all about saving you time and ensuring your essays are 100% original. This AI essay generator has been tested by various students and received solid reviews.  

Here is why we love this AI essay writing tool; 

Time-Saving: Research is often one of the most time-consuming aspects of essay writing. This tool streamlines the process by generating relevant content, helping you save precious time.

Anti-Plagiarism: Plagiarism can have serious consequences in academia. CollegeEssay.org AI Essay Writer ensures that your work is plagiarism-free, giving you confidence in your originality.

Varied Content: It doesn’t produce the same content repeatedly. Instead, it generates different content each time you use it, adding diversity to your essays.

What’s The Price?

So what’s the price? 

Let’s take a look at their budget-friendly pricing; 

Plan  Monthly Cost Regular Prices Discount
Basic FREE
Premium Plan (Monthly) $4.99/Month $29.99 85% Off
Premium Plan (Yearly) $39.92/Month $359.88 90% Off

6. FreeEssayWriter.ai – Reliable Essay Writer

FreeEssayWriter.ai is a free AI essay writer that allows students to create compelling essays without the financial burden. 

Here’s why FreeEssayWriter.ai deserves a spot on our list:

Prompt Analysis: 

FreeEssayWriter.ai interprets essay prompts, and offers guidance on essential themes, questions, and key elements. It allows you to have a clear understanding of the topic and provides valuable suggestions for an effective approach.

Customizable Templates: 

FreeEssayWriter.ai simplifies essay writing by providing a wide range of templates. You can select a template that matches your assignment type, saving time and ensuring your essay is well-structured.

Essay Structure Guidance: 

This feature helps organize your essay and create a structure for the arguments. It offers tips on introducing your topic, developing arguments, and creating a compelling conclusion for a coherent and reader-friendly essay.

What’s The Price?

FreeEssayWriter.ai fits its name; It is completely free. 

It’s a fantastic choice for students who want to harness the power of AI essay writing without opening their wallets.

Wrapping Up

These AI tools are not just about convenience; they are essential aids for students looking to improve their essay writing skills, save time, and produce high-quality academic work. 

Embrace the future of essay writing with these innovative tools, and watch your essays reach new heights of excellence. Your academic journey will be more efficient and rewarding with these invaluable resources at your disposal.